A gradual easing of restrictions

A gradual easing of restrictions

Following feedback from church members, for the next month we will make only the following changes:

Masks will remain mandatory for entering, leaving and moving around in church, where we get closest to each other, but they will be optional once seated. This matches what is happening in bars, restaurants and cafes.

Social distancing will become optional, and we will open up the side aisles again for those who want to remain most distant. Please let others know if you would prefer to keep your distance, and please do not assume that people will want to be near you.

Singing quietly and humming will be encouraged. While we are still singing quietly, we will continue to use pre-recorded singing at the 10 am service. There is no tradition of singing at the 8 am service.

For now, we will continue to recommend using sanitiser as people enter and leave, and to ask people to have their details recorded for test and trace, even though we have not been called on to use them so far. We will continue to offer only bread for Eucharist/Communion, and to share the peace without getting out of our seats.

I hope most of you can see at least some of the wisdom of your responses reflected in these changes, and that we will be able to drop other restrictions before too long.

Although legal restrictions have lifted and vaccinations are playing their part, the virus is still claiming lives and filling hospital beds. It hasn’t changed. Please continue to love God, your neighbours and yourself by protecting those around you, as well as yourselves, and by praying for those infected and an end to the pandemic.

May you continue to know God’s peace at all times.

Revd Andrew Baguley – revandrew@baguley.net; 07421 053654