A.P.C.M. Reports for 2012

   April 10th 2013 saw the Meeting of Parishioners and the Annual General Church Meeting in the Cantelupe Centre.

   Our two Churchwardens, Peter Hodson and Mary Hawkins, had agreed to stand again were re-elected for another year.

   We are very grateful to them both for all the hard work they do for St Mary’s Church, a large part of which is completely unseen by most people.

   The treasurer, John Bell, and the PCC were also elected together with the sidespeople and, like the churchwardens, they give of their time to work for the good of St Mary’s Church and we thank them all.

   The reports from the different groups and organisations in our church were then presented, starting with the Churchwardens’ report and the financial report, and any questions were addressed.

   It was acknowledged that many people in the congregation also spend time doing things, quietly and behind the scenes, such as the small band of people who choose the hymns, prepare the liturgy or clean the church linens etc. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people at St Mary’s.

Link to Annual Reports

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