A.P.C.M. Reports for 2015

 Report on the Meeting of Parishioners and
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

   The annual meetings took place in the Derwent Room of the Cantelupe Centre, with the Meeting of Parishioners for the election of the Churchwardens, being chaired by John Bell, and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting by Peter Hodson (in our Vicar’s absence), and Andrea Swarbrick led us in an opening prayer.

   Peter Hodson and Mary Hawkins were again appointed as churchwardens and, also during the meeting, the PCC members were confirmed, the sidespersons and the auditors for next year’s accounts.

   Reports from all areas of church life were circulated and, where appropriate, were discussed and thanks given. The accounts were explained to us and questions answered by our Treasurer, John Bell. John Puxty’s report showed that the Electoral Role has risen from 63 to 68 at its update earlier this year.

   Next year’s Annual meeting date was fixed as Sunday April the 2nd with the exact time to be fixed by the PCC at a later date.

   There was a good atmosphere at the meeting with people speaking out and asking questions.

   We thank the Churchwardens, Treasurer and all the PCC members for their hard work over the past year and we pray for our church, and the return to health of our Vicar, in coming year.

   Stella Petitt

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