A.P.C.M. Reports for 2014

 St Mary’s Annual Meeting

AGM   This took place on Wednesday 22nd of April and was very well attended with 25 members of the church coming along. Peter Hodson chaired the meeting in the Vicar’s absence and John Puxty opened the evening with prayer.

   The meeting started with the ‘Meeting of Parishioners’ where Peter Hodson and Mary Hawkins were both re-elected, unanimously, as churchwardens for the coming year.

   The evening continued with the ‘Annual Parochial Church Meeting’ where the PCC members were voted for and the reports from the churchwardens and all the organisations at our church were presented and any questions were addressed.

   We also learnt about the Electoral Roll numbers and John Puxty, as Electoral Roll Officer, explained how and when the information is collected and updated.

   Richard Stevenson told us about the progress of the Bell fund and the exciting news that, if all goes to plan, the work on the bells will be carried out during the summer.

   John Bell presented the accounts, explained them and then answered questions. This all led to a very interesting discussion on the different points raised.

   The whole feeling of the meeting seemed to be really positive with most people having raised a question or had a say at some point during the evening which, after all, is what it is all about!

   Thank you to everyone who came along and an especially big THANK YOU to the churchwardens who have a lot extra to organise whilst Michael is unwell.

   Stella Petitt

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