A.P.C.M. Reports for 2013

   The ‘Meeting of Parishioners’ and the ‘Annual Parochial Church Meeting’ were held on 9th April in the Cantelupe Centre. They were attended by the Vicar, Michael, the Churchwardens and 17 members of the congregation.

   Michael opened the meeting with a prayer and the business began!

   Following an extra ‘Meeting of Parishioners’ on Sunday 6th April where it was decided, and agreed by vote, that the Churchwardens’ 6 year rule should be suspended to allow wardens to serve for longer than this, Mary Hawkins and Peter Hodson were re-elected as Churchwardens. Michael thanked Mary and Peter for their support and all their hard work in the past year, much of which is not seen by the general congregation.

   The reports from all areas of our church life were presented and Peter recounted the rather amusing tale of our Church gas meter!

   PCC members and officers were elected, together with the sidesmen and women, and then John Bell explained the treasurer’s report to us and answered questions. He pointed out that, unfortunately, 2013 saw St Mary’s showing a deficit which is something we will need to try to reverse in this current year. Thanks were given for all the considerable effort that people put in throughout the year in all aspects of church life.

   Stella Petitt

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