The Pathway

The following is from a ‘meditation card’ published by Mirfield Publications, Community of the Resurrection, and has been supplied by John Puxty.

The Pathway

pathway    Lord, I seem to have somehow lost my way. I keep trying to follow the old familiar ways that I have known for so many years, and now they no longer lead me anywhere. Most of the time I find myself back where I started. I want to move out from where I am, and I just seem to be going round in circles.

   I am still the same person that I was, and I still feel that if I found the right path I would recognise it at once, and I would go on from there. But at the moment I am stuck, and all ways look alike to me: none of them seems to be the right one.

   I have tried asking other people if they can help me, but they each tell me to travel in a slightly different direction. I am left to find my way alone. This begins to make me feel afraid Lord. Supposing I never find the right way and go on as I am, confused and unable to move? At times I am even tempted to think that there is no way out of this muddle, and all the effort and energy spent on looking for it is a waste of time.

   Sometimes I think I might as well go to sleep and forget all about everything. Maybe if I did, it would all be different when I woke up: everything as clear as daylight.

   Yet Lord, I know deep down, that I must not give up hope like that, nor must I expect magic to change everything. I need to wait and try hard not to be afraid. I need to believe that a way ahead will become clear eventually, and when it does I will recognise it at once. Help me Lord to be patient, help me not to be afraid, and show me the path that I must take.

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