Don’t Be Afraid Of The Clouds

Don’t be afraid of the clouds

   Have you ever sat and watched the clouds drift by? Some of them are vast, towering up and up into the sky. There can be clouds of discouragement and suffering in our lives as well, circumstances that temporarily blot out the sunlight of God’s love for us. You may have such a cloud hanging over your life right now. You may be in a hospital bed, or suffering discouragement, fear, despair or bereavement.

   Clouds cut off our light and warmth, and leave us feeling penned in. But they can also bring unexpected good in our lives; in nature clouds bring life-giving water. The long-term result of their visit can be growth.

   Have you ever noticed that sometimes, when you board a plane, the sky is like a thick grey ceiling? It looks impenetrable. But the plane does not hesitate – it climbs steadily onward and upward straight into the cloud. And what happens? Nothing! The cloud cannot block your progress, it must give way before you.

   1604planeThe simple truth is, you may not be able to see through clouds, but you can go through them. The plane uses navigational aids for guidance, and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us through the darkest times. And finally, we emerge through the cloudbank, and there before us is a sun-drenched sky of blue and golden glory, far above the dismal and disappointing things far below.

   Whatever cloud is hanging over you at present, whether suffering, discouragement, fear, there IS something you can do about it NOW. Pray – pour out your heart to the Lord about it. He has promised that His grace will be sufficient for anything that we encounter in this life.

   And – look up. Look towards heaven, think beyond those clouds, and remember His promise that the sufferings we may be undergoing here are nothing compared to the glory that God has prepared for us there.

   The Bible assures us: ‘The Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man that trusts in you.’ Psalm 84: 11-12