On The Subject Of Praying

    John Puxty, in a recent sermon, quoted Archbishop Michael Ramsey on the subject of praying…

 On The Subject Of Praying

archbish   Try to think of prayer simply: it means putting yourself near God, with God, in a time of quietness every day. You put yourself with him just as you are, in the feebleness of your concentration, in your lack of warmth and desire, not trying to manufacture pious thoughts or phrases. You put yourself with God, empty perhaps, but hungry and thirsty for him; and if in sincerity you cannot say that you want God you can perhaps tell him that you want to want him. Thus you can be can be very near him in your naked sincerity; and he will do the rest, drawing out from you longings deeper than you knew were there and pouring into you trust and love. Forgive me for putting this so clumsily. I am trying to say that you find you are ‘with God’ not by achieving certain devotional exercises in his presence but by daring to be your own self as you reach towards him.

   The daily time of being quietly with God becomes ‘adoration’. And because you are with him and near him whose name is love you will have the people you care for on your heart. In this way adoration turns into ‘intercession’, the bringing of people and needs and sorrows and joys and causes into the stream of the divine love.

Archbishop Michael Ramsey

(Arthur) Michael Ramsey was born in 1904 and died in 1988.
He was the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury, being appointed on 31 May 1961, and held the office until 1974.

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