A Letter from our Reader, Andrea …

   The saying goes that we are not to ‘caste a clout till May is out’. I was never very sure whether it meant until the month of May had finished or that ‘May Blossom’ was in full bloom on the hedgerows. Whatever the reason, June is now here, so we should be safe to dress accordingly. June, and almost half the year gone by already, and yet so much has happened.

   Our church year has moved on from some of the great festivals which follow Easter, those of Ascension Day, Pentecost and Trinity, and we are now in a period which the church calls ‘ordinary time’. The colours on the altar for this season are now green, except perhaps when we commemorate a saint or there is another special day. This colour of green seems to echo what nature is saying, because suddenly the tender palest colours of spring are replaced by vivid, brightest green as literally ‘June is bursting out all over’. So are the weeds! We may be in ‘ordinary time’ but life is far from ordinary, especially when we consider all that has happened in the previous few weeks.

   Nationally, we have elected a new government, and our prayers are with those who choose to serve us politically. Last month we recalled and gave thanks for VE Day seventy years ago, and we also celebrated the birth of a princess. But on a much wider stage we think of the people of Nepal, so tragically hit by two earthquakes, and of the many fleeing refugees drowning in the sea as they made their escape.

openbk   Life goes on, some ordinary, some less so, but in all these events, good or bad, we have a heavenly Father who knows and cares for each and every one of us. What Jesus reminds us to do is not to worry about all the changes which go on around us; “Your Father knows your needs”. He tells us to seek His kingdom. These are lovely, encouraging words which you can read for yourself (Luke 12:22-34). Perhaps we should try to reflect what nature is telling us, by making a greater effort in our own spiritual growth through regularly reading our bible and listening to what God is saying to us in our ordinary, everyday lives.

   Yours in Christ,

   Andrea Swarbrick


From The Vicar …

   Yes, I still think of myself as your Vicar even though I have not been in church for a while now. Thank you for the many messages of hope and “get well soon” cards. I hope to do just that but I am told that these things can take a while. I am improving but there are days when I know all too well that my journey is not over.

   Please keep me, and Stella, in your prayers as I try and keep St. Mary’s in mine every day.


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