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For October2015

   We welcomed Rev Jeffrey Fewkes as our guest speaker. He took his text from St John’s Gospel, chapter 2 verses 1-11, the changing of water into wine and started by explaining how John’s Gospel is very different from the other three Gospels. Then, like the layers of an onion, Jeffrey peeled back the story of this first miracle, or sign, turning water into wine at a wedding.


   These are just a few of the points he made…

  • It was a miracle of transformation, of bringing life out of death.
  • What does the story say about Jesus?
    Jesus honours Marriage – Jesus helps people when they are in need – how often do we take our problems to Jesus? – Jesus blesses abundantly – are we not blessed far more than we ever asked or imagined?
  • The world says enjoy yourself now and pay later – Jesus says life is a cross to bear now but there is a crown later. Jesus always improves the quality – the best wine at the wedding feast.
  • Jesus stimulates faith – the disciples saw and believed.
  • The pointers to Christianity – The water from the jars for ceremonial washing on the outside was changed to wine that makes a person glad on the inside – the difference between duty and delight, between obeying rules and rejoicing.
  • Jeffrey finished by saying…
    • When you drink the wine at the Communion let it speak to you:
    • of the water changed into wine that shows Jesus is the Son of God.
    • of the joy that he’s come to bring. The wine that makes the heart glad.
    • of the blood of Jesus shed for us and for many for the remission of sin.
    • Let’s look forward to drinking wine in glory.

Prayer: Heavenly Father what a story. Just a few sentences. Yet we see so much there. Yet there are still so many truths we haven’t even touched yet. May we – as we come to this table and eat this bread and drink this wine, come to feast – to sit at a banquet. May we be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit and say, ‘The best is still yet to be.’ For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

   These are only some extracts taken from what Jeffrey spoke about. Like all things there are many aspects of such a story. We were both inspired and stimulated. Thank you Jeffrey for bringing meaning into our lives.

  Sue Attenborough

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