An Informal Get-together – March 2016

March the 10th – An informal get-together…

   As you will remember from last month’s Contact Magazine, St Mary’s Mothers’ Union Branch ceased to be an official branch and was put into abeyance. Members have received forms to enable them to become Diocesan Members and, those who wished to, have done that and can now attend any MU meetings or events taking place in the Diocese.

   On March the 10th there was an informal meeting, organised by Andrea and attended by seven people of the past Mothers’ Union branch.

   Andrea began by leading us in prayer. We chatted generally, for a while, about the direction we were hoping for possible future meetings, how they might be orgainised and whether we should continue to be called the ‘Mothers Union’. No definite conclusions were reached as it was felt that, as a large number of those who may be interested were not able to attend the meeting due to holidays and a pre-arranged outing, opportunity was needed for them to give their opinions too. It was felt, however, that the organisation of the meetings should be shared out and not left to just one or two people.

   Andrea read us a very interesting article she had come across, in her role as one of the hymn selectors for St Mary’s, about the hymn ‘Brother, sister let me serve you’ and its composer, Richard Gillard. It was fascinating and we were surprised to learn that it dates from 1977, which is relatively recent.

   We then had a cup of tea with biscuits and a good old natter! We were able to share our news and worries, and learn quite a bit more about each other.

   No definite date was set for the next meeting, although carrying on with the 2nd Thursday of the month seemed to make sense. If you are interested in coming along to the next meeting please keep your eyes open for more information on the weekly notice sheets in church.

   A contribution was made by all of us to give to James, for the hire of the room in the Cantelupe Centre, at the end of the afternoon.

   We thank Andrea for organising the meeting and the refreshments on this occasion and look forward to the future.

  Stella Petitt