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The Mothers' Union

Mothers’ Union Report  - 13th March 2014

      We met with an almost full house in the Derwent Room with a lot of chatter and catching up before our Quiet Afternoon for Lent. Sue welcomed us and gave our best wishes to the birthday ladies, Joan, Val, Carol and Sue herself!

   Andrea led us in an opening prayer. She then asked which two essential items would we have to take with us on a journey. She then began to unpack the essential items we need for our journey through life, with readings from St John’s gospel.

compass   A compass shows us the direction. We know our destination as Christian travellers following God’s way, not our own, as He shapes and directs our lives. We each wrote a life question and placed it on the cross which was in the form of a compass.

   Nourishment would be essential. We each need emotional and spiritual nourishment in our lives. Jesus said.” I am the bread of Life” and the food He gives us endures to eternal life. What enriches our lives? Reading, a walk, gardening, church services, music? Our Christian friends support and nourish us too. We shared slices of bread (Andrea’s home-made!), as the music played.

   We all need light for growth. We feel safe in the light. John the Baptist was the lamp that pointed the way to the true light, Jesus, who is the ultimate light. We each need to be a light in our Christian lives. A lit candle focussed our thoughts and prayers.

lock   Shelter gives us a sense of safety. Jesus is the gateway to the shelter and also the shepherd who protects us, while giving us freedom. A padlock symbolised safety.

tap   Water is for drinking, cleansing and for fun. Jesus offers the water of forgiveness, fresh flowing, eternal and internal refreshment. As we dipped our hands in the water we thought how our faith can flow out to refresh others. Jesus took himself away for rest & relaxation and this is important for us too.

   A truly refreshing, reflective and prayerful afternoon.

   We collected £40 for Make a Mother’s Day, with the money going to reading, training and counselling projects. The sale of goods made £19 for funds.

   Our next meeting is 10th April which will be a fun afternoon with flowers. Please bring along a few small flowers suitable, for a small posy, and a bit of greenery from your garden. There will also be a flower themed quiz.

   Mary Hawkins

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