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The Mothers' Union

Mothers’ Union Report  – 8th January 2015

   We started the meeting with prayer and then began the Annual Meeting. Two people had sent their apologies and there were seventeen members present. There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous year, so Janet Reeve, Treasurer, then presented the accounts. We sent over £560 to MU 1502Groupinitiatives, last year, mainly overseas. We still have £138 approx. in the kitty. Subscriptions need to be paid before the end of the January. Ten people subscribe to Families First, the MU magazine.

   The report of activities in 2014 was read, chronicling the varied talks and events throughout the year – all of which have been reported each month in Contact!

   Sue Attenborough agreed to be Branch Leader, Susan Bell will continue as Secretary and Janet Reeve is prepared to act as Treasurer for a tenth year. Other committee members were Mary Hawkins, Andrea Swarbrick and Val Rennie.

   We then discussed how we could move forward as a branch fulfilling the aims of the MU. The theme for the year is Prayer. We hope to look outwards more, hopefully with contact with a MU branch in Uganda to help support their work directly. Our five talks will be faith orientated. We agreed to give up monthly raffles and birthday flowers with the exception of the big ‘0’ birthdays, enabling us to send more to overseas projects.

   Business part over, our meeting drew to a close with Sue sharing her Christmas prayer experience; Andrea read a Christmas prayer from the 1502CrossChaplain of Readers then Sylvia shared a prayer, ‘This is My Day for Flying’. Pauline read a prayer about ‘The Cross in my Pocket’. Margaret Turner brought a prayer from 1928 and Margaret Clayton one from 1224 which she found in Walsingham. Janet read a Frank Topping prayer/poem entitled ‘Lord of my Days’. Susan Bell chose 1502Footprints‘Footprints in the Sand’ as her poem. We ended with the Grace – followed by a welcome cup of tea!

   Our special ‘0’ birthdays in Feb. will be Joan Mundell on the 3rd and Joyce Rich on the 10th.

   We always welcome new members or visitors to our meetings so if you are interested do come along or have a word with any of the committee members to find out more.

Mary Hawkins

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