Learning From Granny

Christmas: a good time for granny to teach you to bake?


   Grandparents are taking action. More and more they are stepping into the gap to teach their gadget-obsessed grandchildren some good old-fashioned traditional skills.

   It seems that almost a third of grandparents are teaching children to cook and bake, and nearly a quarter are showing their grandchildren how to garden. One in 10 is teaching sewing or knitting, as well as DIY or decorating. Grandparents are also teaching ‘life essentials’ such as reading and writing.

   Children today may be technologically advanced, but as an expert at the consumer analyst Mintel explains: “they are often behind in terms of basic household skills, such as cooking, cleaning, mending and simple home improvements. However, grandparents are stepping in and supporting their grandchildren’s development.” So – why not encourage the grandparents and grandchildren to try a new project this Christmas?


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