St Mary’s stands at the very heart of Ilkeston and is the ancient parish church of the town. We value both our history and location, seeking to reach out to the community that surrounds us and to value all that is best in our heritage, while being open to all the new things that God has in store for us.


Prayer for Resurrection Power
by Daphne Kitching

Thank you Father that, because of what Jesus achieved on the cross, weprayer can be resurrection-powered people; empowered to live each day confidently, whatever life’s challenges may be, knowing that our security is in you alone.

In Jesus you have overcome the world and its troubles and have defeated death. When the world seems overwhelming Lord, help us to keep Jesus as our compass and to come safely to the one who has the words of eternal life. Help us to hear those words and respond in trust and anticipation.

Thank you Father for giving us your Son and your Spirit. Thank you for your life-giving Easter work. In Jesus name.