Beat The Blues

Get gardening this spring, and beat the blues!


   The gardeners among us have long known that there is nothing like an hour or two in the garden to dissolve your tension, depression, and anger, and to bolster your feelings of calm and well-being. It also helps keep you in good physical shape.

   Now the scientists agree: recent research from the universities of Westminster and Essex has found that gardening (especially caring for an allotment) can prevent a range of diseases (ranging from mental illness, obesity, and cardiovascular disease to straightforward loneliness) – and thus save the NHS a good deal of time and money.

And if you have any spare time
after tending your own garden…

1603Gardening   The Friends of St Mary’s Churchyard are beginning their monthly cycle of maintenance at the end of March. We normally meet on the last Saturday morning of the month at 10am. Those of us who can will be meeting on the last Saturday in March. Everyone is very welcome to join us as there is a wide variety of tasks which need doing over the year. A little care once a month makes a big difference to the overall appearance of the church grounds and last year’s efforts gained many positive comments from church members and also the community at large.


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