Poor Shepherd Boy

Poor Shepherd Boy by Janet Reeve

A timid shivering scrap of a lad,        
Up all night & feeling sad.

Just because he was younger than them,
Jacob, Ash, Jo and brother Shem
Went gallivanting, left him there,
Not caring a jot how he would fare.     Refrain

DecSheepLeft alone in Galilean hills
His thumping heart with great dread fills,
What if hungry wolves attack the sheep?
What if he lies down and falls asleep?    Refrain

Starting at every rustle and crackle,
Imagining things he might have to tackle,
Sheep’s bleating changing from baas to BAAS!
What was the matter? Couldn’t see by the stars.    Refrain

Looking up at the clear night sky
Tracking the stars that twinkle up high,
Wondering if they’ll transport him away,
Away to a better life; who can say?    Refrain

DecStarOne star seemed much brighter tonight
Giving off an eerie irradiant light,
Suddenly.. the whole meteoric sky exploded
Blinding him totally, as the stars imploded!    

Scared almost to death, covering his eyes,
He peeps, and through his fingers espies
Angels floating up above, dressed in white,
Bathed in a luminous, resplendent light.          

DecAngel“Peace to you, and to all on the Earth,
Come visit, visit this momentous Birth,
Come to Bethlehem, come to the stable,
Come right now, or as soon as you’re able.”    

No longer a shivering scrap of a lad,
He leapt down the hill, feeling glad, glad, glad,
Knowing the Lord would look after his sheep,
Having a very important appointment to keep!        

DecNativityHe followed the star to the stable so bare,
Peeped round the door to just stand & stare
At the baby Jesus asleep in the manger,
Protected by Joseph from any danger.    

Leaving a lamb as a gift for the Babe,
The Babe, when grown the world He’d save,
He slowly climbed back to tend his sheep
With joy & peace in his heart to keep.    

He’d seen the Baby before the others,
Baby Jesus, with Mary, His mother,
Serve them right for abandoning him
On this special night; could they be so dim?    

They’d missed so much that starry night
But the poor shepherd boy had seen the light
JESUS, the Light of the World!
That night changed his life and ours for ever!


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