bell2St. Mary’s has had a peal of bells since 1732. These have been recast and added to, making up the current ring of 8 bells, installed in 1910. The bearings that the bells turn on have become worn after over 100 years. In order to keep the bells ringing out over Ilkeston for future generations the bearings need replacing and work on the frames, wheels and clappers are urgently required. We have to raise £30,000 to complete this work.

Any donations would be very much appreciated and should be sent to Mr John Bell, Treasurer, St Mary’s Church, Market Place, ILKESTON. DE7 5JA.


Church Open!

Friday November 28th was a cool, but lovely, evening and the Market Place was absolutely packed for the switching on of the Christmas lights.

As a Church, we opened our doors for people to pop in and have a look around. We had lots of visitors who were all pleased to have the opportunity to come in – we even had to print more Christmas leaflets to give out!

Thank you to all the volunteers who manned the Church for this occasion, and made people feel so welcome.



There is a list on the notice board at the back of church for anyone who would like to provide flowers during 2015 to remember a loved one or to celebrate a particular occasion. Sue Attenborough, who organises the flowers, would be grateful for any help, either with donations for flowers or practical help arranging them, however she is very happy to arrange flowers for you if you would rather not.



St Mary’s Church regularly supports Christian Aid – here is just one example of where our money goes…

Helping Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone – Christian Aid has been distributing essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone as part of an initiative launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to meet Ebola survivors’ immediate needs and help them rebuild their lives.

The two organisations have partnered to donate UNDP solidarity kits to 68 Ebola survivor households in the Bo and Western Area districts. These kits contain food, household items and hygiene supplies to enable those discharged from treatment centres to start afresh, after returning to their homes to find all their possessions destroyed.

Nearly 900 people have survived the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, but as Jeanne Kamara, Christian Aid Country Manager for Sierra Leone, explains: “The joy of surviving the devastating virus is quickly overshadowed by the pain of having had everything they own destroyed during the decontamination process.”

The project is targeting deprived rural communities and the most vulnerable households.



(or James New’s News!)

The Cantelupe Centre has had a bit of a face-lift in the form of some new chairs…

We are extremely grateful to the ‘Stanton Benevolent Fund’ which has provided the funding for all the upholstered chairs in the Flamstead Room and also the ones in the Main Hall to be replaced. Many of you will have already seen them and appreciate that they are a massive improvement on what was there as the existing ones were very old, worn and stained. Many different local groups, and charities, regularly use the Cantelupe Centre over the course of a week and the building is also hired out for private parties so lots of different people will have the benefit of them.

Thanks go to James who has organised the changes and liaised with the Benevolent Fund.

If you have any booking, or general queries regarding the Centre, please give James a ring on 932 1329 or email


New-Style Weekly Notice Sheets

   After much discussion the Vicar and Readers here at St Mary’s Church have decided to revert to using the service books rather than the large screen at the 10am services for the time being.

   The weekly notice sheets have been updated to reflect this change and to make things easier for anyone who is not familiar with the books.

   Included are now the hymn numbers, together with which book they are from, the Collect in full, and the details, including the page number, of which Eucharistic Prayer is being used each week. The sheets also usually say which piece of music is being played as the recessional at the end of the service.

   As usual, all the notices for the week are there with other useful information, and we hope members of the congregation will take the leaflets home so that they have all the information to hand.


Thank you to everyone who puts items of food in the box for the King’s Cupboard. It is a very worthwhile thing to do. The food is taken regularly to the food bank and really appreciated. There are leaflets available explaining more about the work that they are doing at the Foodbank and how people can get involved.

King's Cupboard Occasionally someone has left a bag of food outside the vestry door which is presumably for the King’s Cupboard. However, many of the items have been past their use-by date and have had to be thrown away. Please could all food donated be in date and brought into the church or the Cantelupe Centre, and handed into the office, and not left outside. Thank you.



Gift Aid enables the Church to reclaim tax which has been paid on any gift to the Church. If you do not already take part in this please consider whether you can help in this way.


Trevor Beighton would like to thank everyone who has brought their used stamps and put them in the box in the church foyer over the past year. These are passed on to the Church Mission Society and help to fund their work. Please continue to support the CMS in this way over the coming year, and please remember to leave a good margin around the stamps. Many thanks.


When the church boiler stopped working in January 2008, it seemed that the 70 year old boiler had reached the end of its economical life and would need to be replaced at a cost of in the region of £35,000. In addition, the boiler experts could not guarantee that any new high-pressure boiler would be compatible with the existing heating pipes which were anything up to 100 years old. This would necessitate the expenditure of an additional £35,000 and would completely wipe out our capital reserves. So an enormous debt of gratitude is owed to Peter Hodson who has spent many hours in discussion with the experts and even more in the boiler house. His hard work and dedication has brought the old boiler back to life with a few minor adjustments but the solution to the problem has only been deferred and not solved completely. What is certain though is that eventually the expenditure of something in the region of £70,000 will be necessary so every member of the church is extremely grateful to the anonymous donor who presented our Treasurer with a cheque for £20,000 as a starter for the “Church Boiler Fund”. Whilst we cannot expect donations like everyday, if you are able to help in any way and with any amount, please speak to Churchwarden Peter Hodson.

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