flowersWould you like to have flowers in Church in memory of a loved one or as a celebration of a special anniversary or birthday? Or perhaps you just love flowers! There are some gaps on our flower rota and our ‘Flower in Chief’ is Sue Attenborough and she would love to hear from you. She will arrange the flowers for you or you may prefer to do an arrangement yourself. Have a word with her any time – Tel.9304140 


The Cantelupe Centre is in the process of raising money for essential repair works to the building – for example, new fire doors and new paneling to replace the existing panels that have rotted over the years.

If you know of any local businesses that might like to make a contribution to the work this would be greatly appreciated – please have a word with Kate, the Centre Administrator.

A big THANK YOU from Kate for all the kind raffle donations and for supporting the Centre.

The talks by Steve Flinders about Old Ilkeston and Stanton Ironworks were very interesting and well attended and have made a good start to the Cantelupe Centre’s refurbishment fund for the remedial works required, such as replacement windows and panels which are past being repaired.  The panels are crumbling and have holes in them and it is getting very expensive to keep the heat in!  There is a very long way to go so any help to raise funds, adding to the pot, would be greatly appreciated – every penny counts!

Some of the groups who use the Centre are also organising fundraising events so please support them whenever possible. The Cantelupe Centre is extremely important to lots of people in the community, as well as the church, and is well worth supporting.


Each year members of the congregation collect money in Children’s Society Boxes. Margaret Turner has again collected the boxes up and sent off the money. This year the people of St Mary’s Church have raised another really pleasing total of £439.28.

This money is vital to help fund the work the charity does with vulnerable children and young people across the country.

The Children's Society

Margaret has received a ‘Thank You’ letter and poster (which she will put up in Church) from Gillian Claugher, Director of Regional Fund-raising and Development for the Children’s Society. She has also received a very special certificate of thanks for her involvement, and all her work, with the charity over the past, more than, forty years.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who supports the work
of the Children’s Society and
Well done to Margaret for her years of service!

Margaret is still looking for someone to take over from her in the coming year. Please think about it and have a word with her if you are able to help in this way. Thank you.



Thank you to everyone who puts items of food in the box for the King’s Cupboard. It is a very worthwhile thing to do. The food is taken regularly to the food bank and really appreciated. There are leaflets available explaining more about the work that they are doing at the Foodbank and how people can get involved.

King's Cupboard Occasionally someone has left a bag of food outside the vestry door which is presumably for the King’s Cupboard. However, many of the items have been past their use-by date and have had to be thrown away. Please could all food donated be in date and brought into the church or the Cantelupe Centre, and handed into the office, and not left outside. Thank you.



Gift Aid enables the Church to reclaim tax which has been paid on any gift to the Church. If you do not already take part in this please consider whether you can help in this way.


Trevor Beighton would like to thank everyone who has brought their used stamps and put them in the box in the church foyer over the past year. These are passed on to the Church Mission Society and help to fund their work. Please continue to support the CMS in this way over the coming year, and please remember to leave a good margin around the stamps. Many thanks.


When the church boiler stopped working in January 2008, it seemed that the 70 year old boiler had reached the end of its economical life and would need to be replaced at a cost of in the region of £35,000. In addition, the boiler experts could not guarantee that any new high-pressure boiler would be compatible with the existing heating pipes which were anything up to 100 years old. This would necessitate the expenditure of an additional £35,000 and would completely wipe out our capital reserves. So an enormous debt of gratitude is owed to Peter Hodson who has spent many hours in discussion with the experts and even more in the boiler house. His hard work and dedication has brought the old boiler back to life with a few minor adjustments but the solution to the problem has only been deferred and not solved completely. What is certain though is that eventually the expenditure of something in the region of £70,000 will be necessary so every member of the church is extremely grateful to the anonymous donor who presented our Treasurer with a cheque for £20,000 as a starter for the “Church Boiler Fund”. Whilst we cannot expect donations like everyday, if you are able to help in any way and with any amount, please speak to Churchwarden Peter Hodson.

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