May 2018

1st – May Day
There has never been a Christian content to May Day, but nevertheless there is the well-known 6am service on the top of Magdalen Tower at Oxford where a choir sings in the dawn of May Day.

Philip came from Bethsaida, was a disciple of Jesus from early on and brought Nathanael (or Bartholomew) to Him.

2nd – Athanasius
Athanasius (296-373) was born into a prosperous family in Alexandria in Egypt, studied in the Christian school there and entered the ministry. He worked with his bishop in framing what became known as the Nicene Creed.

6th – Rogation Sunday (Sunday before Ascension)
Rogation means an asking of God – for blessing on the seed and land for the year ahead.

Sunday Lunch – share a meal with the church family at the Sir John Warren

7th – Bank Holiday

10th –
Ascension Day

13th to 19th – Christian Aid Week

20th – Pentecost

26th –
Friends of St Mary’s Churchyard Working Party – 10am

27th – Trinity Sunday
The first Sunday after Pentecost to honour the Holy Trinity – the Father as our Creator, the Son as our Savior and the Holy Spirit as our Comforter.

28th –
Spring Bank Holiday