January 2017

6th – Epiphany

8th – Nathalan – an early farmer in Scotland
In this 21st century where Food Banks have become the norm, it is worth remembering Nathalan (died c.678). Scotland in the 7th century must have been a hungry place but according to legend Nathalan was a nobleman in the Aberdeen district who decided to cultivate his land as a way of serving God. He wanted to feed the people in times of famine and gave most of what he produced to those in need.

10th – PCC Meeting at 7.00pm in the Cantelupe Centre

12th – Antony Pucci – poor, plain and tongue-tied

18th – Amy Carmichael 

25th – The Conversion of St Paul
Celebrating probably the most famous conversion of all when Saul on the road to Damascus to organise a purge of Christians was blinded by a bright light and heard a voice saying, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ leading to him becoming convinced that Jesus was in fact the Messiah

26th – Timothy and Titus
The books of First and Second Timothy and Titus are what are known as the three pastoral letters, where Paul writes to ministers in charge of important churches instead of writing to the churches themselves. Paul gives both Timothy and Titus explicit instructions for how to shepherd the sheep in their care.

Advance Notice
The next Sunday Lunch will be on February 4th after the morning service.