Keep Dancing!

Keep Dancing!

dancers    Michael had a few days off recently and during our short break, staying in a village called Little Brickhill, we had the chance to go down to Elstree Studios to see the recording of the preview show for ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ which was to be shown on the 7th of September.

   The dress code was ‘Glamorous’ so out came a suit and an outfit I had worn to a wedding and off we went…

   Even though we had tickets the seats weren’t guaranteed so we had to queue but, fortunately, the weather was lovely and everyone was excited so the time passed quickly. (I feel sorry for the people who have to queue in the winter weather later in the series!)

   As the show was recorded, not live, things were filmed out of sequence and often more than once – for perfection. They started with the musical acts (Five Seconds of Summer & Smokey Robinson and Imelda May) and moved on to the exhibition dances from the new professionals.

   All through the evening there was a comedian/compere keeping us informed and entertained and teasing the celebrities, judges, and audience latinmembers alike. Bruce Forsyth appeared and handed over the baton to Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly and wished them all the best for the new series.

   Then the celebrities were interviewed and paired up with their professional dancers – Anton and Brendon making us all laugh, acting like teenagers – and the audience were all sworn to secrecy until the following Sunday when the show was to be screened (not hard for us as we can never remember all the names anyway!).

   The introductory professional dance was filmed, Tess and Claudia did some links and the judges were interviewed.

   The evening was rounded off with the final dance in which all the celebrities, who were mostly terrified, took to the dance-floor for the first time with all the professionals!

   Everyone involved in the production from the judges and comperes, through to the technicians and stage setters, went out of their way to make the evening special.

   A really spectacular outing and great fun!

   Stella Petitt

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